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Arepas, the signature dish, are healthy, all-natural and gluten-free air-fried corn pancakes with your choice of delicious meats, cheeses and vegetables.


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Andreina Paredes Angulo, alongside her two children, Juan and Matilda, are excited to introduce Azucar Morena—a brand-new concept—to The Garage. They serve Arepas, a traditional Venezuelan breakfast, that provide a healthy and gluten-free option made with all-natural ingredients. Featuring continuously rotating daily and weekly specials, Azucar Morena showcases Venezuelan culture, with each dish representing a different region’s unique flavors. Andreina has a passion for cooking dishes from her home country and is excited to bring pieces of her culture to Indianapolis.

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“I want to teach people from Indianapolis the culture and food from my country. This is a unique opportunity for people to learn about where I’m from.”

Andreina Paredes Angulo, owner

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