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Established in 2015 by Brandon Burdine, Brick & Mortar Barber Shop aims to bring clean haircuts of varying styles to the downtown Indianapolis area.


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Known for its relaxed vibes and antique décor, Brick & Mortar Barber Shop is a tried and true, old-school barbershop, offering classic haircuts, handmade products and genuine customer service. The new shop in Bottleworks is similar to the original location on Delaware Street, serving both men and women with short-style haircuts, but this location also offers curated goods—essentially everything on the walls are for sale (antiques, grooming products, home goods, knick knacks and more). Passersby can enjoy scouring through items curated from their favorite shops around the city

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“Once I saw the space, I was sold—I love the history of the building and our style melds perfectly with the surrounding aesthetic of The Garage and Bottleworks as a whole.”

Brandon Burdine, owner

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