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 Lil' DumpLings 
noodle bar 

Eat your way through the menu at this ramen shop, where handmade noodles mix with fresh and flavorful ingredients that pack a punch. Grab a bowl and get your noodle on. Please stop by Lil Dumplings Noodle Bar to see today's menu!

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Did someone say noods? Lil’ Dumplings Noodle Bar is the latest concept from entrepreneurial local chef Carlos Salazar. The menu will take you on a flavorful adventure, with favorites like Spam Musubi, DadDan Noddles, Duck Ramen and the mouthwatering Fried Bao topped with powdered sugar. Treat your taste buds to what’s cooking at Lil’ Dumplings Noodle Bar.

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 lil' dumplings 

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