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A South American Culinary experience showcased on skewers at Sal & Pimenta

In Portuguese salt and pepper translates to sal and pimenta. They’re the simplest of seasonings but arguably the most important throughout a variety of cultures.

When Rogerio and Ruby Tregnago opened Gaucho’s Fire inside The Garage Food Hall they wanted to serve guests a mix of flavors through their Brazilian-style street food. Their favorites like the best-selling steak sandwich have delighted garage goers since it first opened. Now the couple is ready to introduce The Garage to an even wider variety of South American cuisine with Sal & Pimenta. Using a range of flavors and traditional techniques and spices, Sal & Pimenta will serve the classic flavors of Latin America but with a twist, presenting them on skewers, giving guests not only a delicious meal but a memorable and unique experience.

The couple can’t wait to continue to bring the tastes of South America to visitors of The Garage Food Hall when Sa1 & Pimenta opens in June 2022.

Tell me more about your business? What’s the concept?

Our main objective is always to innovate and create new recipes in order to satisfy all tastes. That is the reason why our skewers will deliver a variety of flavors, ranging from traditional meat and chicken to vegetarian and sweet options.

What do you offer?

We will have beef, bacon wrapped beef, chicken, bacon wrapped chicken, lamb, pork, vegetable skewers and more. We will also have gourmet fries, and salads.

What is unique about your concept?

At Sal & Pimenta we are proud to bring all the tradition behind the unique and original South American way of serving all kinds of meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits on a skewer.

When customers visit you at The Garage, what’s one thing they must try?

Definitely our Beef skewers, bacon wrapped chicken and pineapple skewers.

Why The Garage Food Hall?

We love the atmosphere, the mutual trust and friendship among people who work in here. We also love the sense of community that this place brings.

How do you think The Garage will help your business?

The Garage has proven that transforming the Coca Cola building into a food hall has a big impact on the community at large. The Garage is a great place where people can try different types of foods in a family environment. For us it has been a great place to showcase our business and it has given us the opportunity to build our brand.

Why is The Garage important to boosting downtown Indy?

This is an innovative project that did not exist before in the city. It is such an important project that it has caught the attention of people from other cities who want to recreate the same concept. The Garage is also trying to incorporate other events and celebrations in the city that help to increase Indy’s economy.


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