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The Funny Gals of Galentine's Day

Hey, Love.

Have you heard the news? Great Legs Wine Bar is back with their second annual Galentine's Day Wine + Comedy show on Tuesday, February 13th! It's the ultimate girls' night in the Bottleworks District, where you can sip wine and spill secrets at Great Legs Wine Bar before heading over to the glamorous Bottleworks Hotel for an intimate comedy show headlined by the sensational Hannah Belmont and featuring the fabulous Laura Cord and Jetta V.

While you gather your girls, dive into the bios below and get to know the brilliant minds of the evening's funniest gals.

Hannah Belmont


Hannah Belmont is a comedian and producer from the suburbs of Chicago. She is one of about six Jews from her incredibly Christian hometown and she will make sure that you know that. Hannah is an up-and-coming comedian and she has made her mark at many notable venues, including Zanies, the Laugh Factory, the Comedy Bar, the Comedy Vault, Hilarities, the Lincoln Lodge, Second City, several Don’t Tell shows and many more clubs around the Midwest. She has opened for Mekki Leeper, Bobby Collins, Richard Villa, Bill Squire, Sean Donnelly, and Raul Sanchez. She has performed in several festivals, including Let’s Fest, Rubber City Comedy Festival, Cleveland Comedy Festival, and Sixth City Comedy Festival. She is also set to headline Good Vibes Comedy Festival in Memphis, Tennessee in April. Hannah is also a satire writer and her work has appears in the publications The Haven and Robot Butt. She is also the head of the Oberlin College Stand Up Comedy Coalition, where she books and produces shows at the college. Hannah is very happy to be here. INSTAGRAM TIKTOK


Laura Cord

Laura Cord is a dumb dirty blonde from a small town trying to make it in the big city of Indianapolis. When she isn’t on stage oversharing, you can find her scrolling excel reports in a building with no windows so follow her @lora_chord and maybe one day she can quit her day job! INSTAGRAM TIKTOK

Jetta V.

Jetta V is an Indianapolis-based comic by way of North Carolina. Her comedy is a combination of southern charm and sharp wit that has led her to perform throughout the Midwest. Along the way she's opened for such notables as Ali Siddiq, Zainab Johnson, Bill Bellamy, Mark Gregory, Mary Mack and the “And Then We” Podcast.”   INSTAGRAM TIKTOK

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