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Cubano Sandwiches from our pal, Palavana Cubano

The Garage Food Hall is a melting pot where flavors from all over the world come together under one roof. One of our favorite flavors? Cuban-inspired fare from The Garage’s very own Palavana Cubano.

Owner J. Wolf found major success at the food hall with his lobster roll concept, J’s Lobster, which was among the first tenants to open at The Garage. In addition to serving lobster rolls, lobster grilled cheese and lobster bisque, J’s latest concept will now bring classic and non-traditional Cubano sandwiches to Indy’s hottest hangout.

We caught up with J to learn more about Palavana Cubano, opening this June!

What do you offer?

We will specialize in Cubano Sandwiches and will offer them in a Traditional Style Ham and Pork but will also offer a Tampa Style one with Salami and Pork instead of Ham. We will also offer Salads and Rice Bowls as well as a Latin Themed burger.

What is unique about your concept?

We know how important the pork component is in an authentic Cubano and will be slow cooking our pork for 12 hours with a specialty Mojo Spice blend. We really think this pork will set us apart. We also will have some less traditional Cubanos such as The Cuban Reuben which will be like a regular Cuban but have Corned Beef and Thousand island over the pork in place of the ham or salami. All of our sandwiches will be pressed to a perfect golden crispness giving that nice, pressed look one would expect from a true Cubano.

When customers visit you at The Garage, what’s one thing they must try?

The Cubano or the Cuban Reuben!

Why The Garage Food Hall?

There is no better culinary experience in Indy than The Garage. The variety of all different types of Cuisine under one roof is a real treasure for our great city.

How do you think The Garage will help your business?

It’s great to be in a location that allows people to try multiple places at once or let groups go out for a meal but not have to commit to a single food type. People also seem to be more open to and really looking to try something they don’t usually have when coming to The Garage.

Why is The Garage important to boosting downtown Indy?

The Garage is a destination that draws people in from all over the city, state and even country. With its cool and hip design to the plethora of amazing food and drink options. The Garage gives people a reason to head downtown and not just stick to the run of the mill food options they may have more local to them. It’s also a great asset to have such a unique and diverse food option to wow out of town visitors in town for special events.


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