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The Garage is one of the country’s best food halls, thanks to the small businesses who have brought their unique flavors into it. From Mexican tacos and Hawaiian poke to English fish and Chips and Brazilian steak sandwiches, there’s something for every palate. Indy’s hottest hangout just got even tastier with its latest addition, Pig Pen.

Alex Ranch and Michael Floyd started Pig Pen in Portland, Oregon. The two moved to the Circle City over a year ago with the hopes of bringing their BBQ flavors to the Midwest.

BBQ is the perfect addition to the diverse menus that can be found at the food hall, so get your bibs ready because finger-licking good BBQ is making its way into The Garage!

What is Pig Pen?

We're a small barbeque operation out of Portland, OR. In Portland we did a lot of pop ups at local breweries and had a cult like following. We moved to Indy about a year and a half ago hoping to start the Pig Pen again.

What do you offer?

Pig Pen offers BBQ options like ribs and pulled pork sandwiches along with classic sides like mac and cheese, baked beans and coleslaw.

What is unique about your concept?

I (Alex Ranch) am the owner/operator of Pig Pen, alongside my longtime partner Michael Floyd. Mike is the BBQ guy and I’m the operations gal. Mike spent a lot of time in the Southwest when he was growing up and has cultivated many of the flavors from places like Arizona and New Mexico. Mike is known for his ribs and his BBQ sauce.

Why The Garage Food Hall?

We lucked out when we randomly sent The Garage Food Hall an email one day in Spring of 2022 and it turned out they were looking for a BBQ concept. We literally hadn't ever stepped foot in The Garage. A friend of ours recommended that we look into food halls. It was a totally foreign concept to us because we hail from the land of food trucks. We ended up connecting with The Garage team and we were off and running.

How do you think The Garage Food Hall will help your business?

The Garage has been so wonderful. We feel incredibly lucky to be moving in there because of the community of support and the built-in clientele. Plus, we get to brag to our friends back home that we have a business in one of the top-rated food halls in the U.S.

See more of what's to come! For updates visit @PigPenIndy on social!


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