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Welcome, Rolli

If you’ve never tried sushi before, it can be intimidating. Rolli is looking to change that with its friendly, approachable vibe and bold and vibrant flavor combinations. Rolli is your everyday sushi spot with one-of-a-kind menu items that combine unexpected ingredients you wouldn’t typically find in traditional Japanese sushi.

After finding success with his first concept at The Garage, Poke Guru, owner Adam Odgaard is adding to the diversity of the food hall with his take on sushi, including menu items like sushi rolls, umami tofu, and Japanese beer and sake.

What is Rolli?

Rolli is a new sushi concept whose mission is to incorporate unique flavors from other cultures, not usually found in traditional sushi.

What do you offer?

We offer delicious sushi rolls, stuffed umami tofu, and Japanese beer and sake.

What is unique about your concept?

The last thing we want to do is be another Japanese sushi house. There are plenty of great options around us for that. Our uniqueness lies in two key categories: the first are flavors we are introducing to our rolls; such as savory Korean flavors or citrusy South American flavors. The second is the way we are approaching our branding.

We want Rolli to be approachable and incredibly fun. Once you see our colors, neon lighting and sushi boxes I think you will agree.

When customers visit you at the garage food hall, what's one thing they must try?

Our stuffed umami tofu is a must. There will be a combination of different flavors that will attract all taste buds, as well as options for our plant-based friends. All of our sauces are made in-house, and we specifically didn’t use any sauces that you can find at every sushi restaurant, such as yum yum sauce and unagi, so we encourage you to give each roll a try once to find your new favorite. If I had to select one roll it would be The Rolli. It’s slightly spicy, slightly sweet and the sauce has a crazy (natural) color.

Why The garage food hall?

This is our second concept in The Garage Food Hall, so we already know how great it is to do business there. The organization who manages The Garage pushes all of their tenants to be the best in their respective culinary lane while making sure we are supported and succeed. We place customer experience as one of our most important metrics, and what better place to open a concept than the best food hall in Indiana that has so much to offer everyone who walks in the door?

How do you think the garage will help your business?

The high standards The Garage Food Hall holds for its tenants creates a competitive environment that pushes us to be better. I can’t think of a better location in Indianapolis that provides that feeling in a beautiful historic building in an incredibly busy part of the city.

Why is the garage important to boosting downtown indy?

The Bottleworks District landed on Time’s most recommended places to the world. As someone who was born and raised in Indianapolis, that sort of attention makes it an incredible asset to Downtown Indy for its residents and the hundreds of thousands of visitors that enjoy our city on an annual basis. You can plan an entire evening and literally not leave the district: world class hotel, all types of delicious food, games, movies. It will only get better with the new developments underway on the district.


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